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About AVG Antivirus Checker

The AVG Antivrus Checker is a free website malware scanner that can scan upto twenty sites at once for possible viruses and lets you know of the sites' safety, reputation as well as security. Nowadays, everything over internet is exposed to millions of users online. But with increasing visitor count of your website, the possibilties of viruses threatening your website have also increased. 

These viruses can penetrate your system suddenly and by a number of ways. They can be harmful to your website and also cause a poor site health. That's why it becomes imperative for webmasters to keep regular check of their website’s health, and to do so they need an antivirus checker tool.

Antivirus check is considered to be one of the most important site maintenance procedures and is a must for not only your own site but also to check up on the sites you might be sharing your host server with or be connected to in any other way.