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About Blacklist Lookup

As the name suggests, the blacklist is a list of domain names and IP addresses that have been reported to the search engines as spam sources. There could be various different reasons that can lead you to end up on a blacklist which could harm your website’s reputation as well as Page Rank. 

However, sometimes it could be so that you might not even be aware that your website is banned by search engines after being reported. If you notice a decline in your organic traffic or you are getting de-indexed from search engines then you should definitely see if you are blacklisted or is there some other problem. 

With the help of our Blacklist Lookup tool you can find out whether your website is listed on a blacklist as spam or not. The list this tool follows is based on DNS-based anti-spam databases. This useful tool allows you to run a blacklist check anytime, anywhere you want using any device you have.