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About Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is an online free software to check the accuracy of the content. W3people SEO tool helps the professionals as well as students to create their 100% unique content. With the help of this amazing software registered users can scan their content more than 50 times to make it unique and original. For unregistered users this software allows only single research per day. It is important for a website to have plagiarism-free content. 

How it works:

•    Copy and paste the content in the specific area.
•    The word limit for the content should be 1000. 
•    Then click on the plagiarism checker and this gives you accurate results in a few seconds after processing your request. 
•    If there is the copied content then this software also shows you the source.
•    Click on the source to check the details of the website from where the content is being copied.
•    This w3people is easy to use and consists of everything that you need.