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About Google Malware Checker

Google Malware checker is an online tool which secures your business from potential threats. It includes intellectual property, inflicting of the virus, customer data and financial frauds. This essential tool detects malware on every website that you visit. This amazing tool looks for the unsafe websites and protects the website from harmful effects. This free online tool helps the webmasters to check whether the website has been listed on Google as suspicious or not. This tool allows the webmasters to safely browsing the web page. This excellent tool surely notifies you if there is any fraudulent activity like hacking or spamming that can leave users in trouble. 

How it works:

•    Enter the URL of your website and click on the “check” button to safely diagnose your page. 
•    The website is safe if the report is not listed as suspicious.
•    The report is given to you from last 90 days since Google has visited it.